Classic Guitar Level 3

Left and right hands (Download)
Technical working Waltz Etude in C major (Download)
Guitar note reading chart (Download)

Task 1:Repertoire
Sinking Ship

Task 2:Improvisation
Scales for improvisation C and A Harmonic minor (Download)
Play along- C major improvisation
Play along- A minor improvisation

Task 3:Sight reading
Sight Reading No2
Task:Practise guitar parts 1,2,3 and 4 and play along with recording.

Task 4:Memory piece
Dragons Den

Task 1: Play sinking ship and send me a recording (free stroke only)
Task 2: Learn the scales G major and E minor.
Task 3: Learn the C major and A min scales and improvise over the backing tracks.
Task 4: Learn the Dragons Den and play by memory.
Task 5: Learn little Waltz In C major.
Assessment: You can record yourself and send me your recording or I will listen to you perform in class in class