Contemp- guitar Level 3

Guitar note reading chart (Download)
Left and right hands (Download)
Blues in A for guitar (Download)
Technical work scales and chords (Download) 

Task1: Learn riffs A,D,and E (record with backing track and send to me).
Task2: Learn open chords A7,D7,and E7 (record with backing track and send to me).
Task3: Learn melody 1 cycle (record with backing track and send to me).
Task4: Learn blues scale and pentatonic with alternate picking.
Task5: Learn the whole song 1 cycle melody, 2 cycles improvise won the blues scale then return to melody and finish.

Blues in A backing track.

Finger picking exercise
Finger Picking Backing track

Task1: Record yourself playing finger picking exercise and send to me. Practice playing along with the backing track, this will tell you if you are playing in time.

Term 2
All year 8s need to practise and perform ‘Bonecrusher’ with the backing track by the end of the year. Sound files are in your content folder.
By the end of Term 2 you need to perform and send me a recording. Either of the ‘Blues in A’ or the ‘Finger picking exercise’or ‘Bonecrusher’ if you are working on this.