Year 5 Primary Contemporary Guitar, Alkimos, Butler, East Butler

(Semester 1)

Welcome Year 5 contemporary guitar students. I hope you have fun doing this course
Year 5 Course Outline (Download)
Technical work scales and chords (Download) 

Guitar note reading chart (Download)
Left and right hands (Download)
Task 1: Listen to ‘Smoke on the Water’ then learn the melody on the E treble and E bass strings. Once you are confident play along with recorded track.

Task 2: Learn the C major scale. Use a rest stroke (after you pluck a string rest the pick on the adjacent string), once you are confident play along with this recorded track.

Task 3: Learn Happy Birthday once you are confident play along with recorded track.

Task 4: Learn Wild Thing (Power chords first then open chords). Play with recording.

Task 5: Learn your part and play along with recorded track. Once you are confident learn the other parts. Sight reading No 1

Assessment: Record yourself playing the following on a iphone and send to me.
1. Smoke on the water (term 1)
2. C maj scale (term 1)
3. Happy birthday (term 2)
4. Wild Thing -Learn power chords first then open chords (term 2)
5. For Sight Reading No1.I will assess you on guitar parts 1,2,3 and 4 during the year.

Assessments times are flexible at the moment please contact me if you have any questions. If possible assessments no later than week 8.