Contemp- guitar Level 5

Guitar note reading chart (Download)
Left and right hands (Download)
Blues in A for guitar (Download) Or Bonecrusher (Look in your content folder)
Technical work scales and chords (Download) 
Task1: Learn riffs A,D,and E (record with backing track and send to me).
Task2: Learn open chords A7,D7,and E7 (record with backing track and send to me).
Task3: Learn melody 1 cycle (record with backing track and send to me).
Task4: Learn blues scale and pentatonic with alternate picking.
Task5: Learn the whole song 1 cycle melody, 2 cycles improvise won the blues scale then return to melody and finish.
Memory and improvisation
Blues in A play along track 1 (this is for practising the riff only)

Blues in A backing track 2.

Term 2
Years 9 and 10 need to practise and perform ‘Bonecrusher’ with the backing track by the end of the year. Sound files are in your content folder.
By the end of Term 2 you need to perform and send a recording to me. Either of the ‘Blues in A’ or the first half of ‘Bonecrusher’ if you are working on this.