Compositions for Multi Media (Video)

Ozymandias (c.1998)

Body Song (c.1996)

Andromeda (c.1996)

The Mount (c.1997)

The Numbers Song (c.1999)

Liminal 1997-1999

These compositions were written for a project called “Liminal”. The project was based around the creation of an interactive opera of ideas for CD-ROM. It was written and directed by Peter Morse. The music was composed mainly around 1997. The songs are about the sexual reproduction of flowers and human sexual diseases, the body and death. Listen to the lyrics of “The Flower Tango” and the “Body Song”. If you have a strange sense of humour it will appeal to you. The music was composed by me and features the vocal talents of Andrew Foote, Samantha Podeu and Penny Reynolds.