Year 9/10 Bass Lessons

Bass -additional technical material in notation (Download) 
Blues in A using open strings (Download)
Blues in A bass no open strings (Download)

Blues In A backing track.

Waltzing Matilda(Download)
Waltzing Matilda backing track.

As an Alternative to learning Waltzing Matilda, you can choose your own song (this has to be approved by me first). Or use one of the songs in your Library folder, play along with the recording, record yourself and send your recording to me.

Semester 1 (Repertoire, Improvisation and memory peices).

Task 1: Make two recordings of the blues in A and playing along with the backing track.  Using both open strings and close position  and send recording to me.

Task 2: Using the arpeggios A E and D and the A min pentatonic scale. Make up your own blues riffs over the backing track and send your recording to me

Semester 2 (Playing from Memory and Notation)

Task 3: Record Waltzing Matilda use the backing track and send  me the recording Alternatively you can choose one of the songs below and record yourself playing along with the original recording and send to me. (Don’t do both)

Billy Joel -You May Be Right (Download)
Foo-Fighters-Learn To Fly(Download)
Coldplay –Yellow (Download)

This link has more bass songs you can choose from