A selection of simple beginner ensemble compositions, arrangements, play-along recordings and solo compositions for guitar and bass students. From year 5 to year 11.

All beginning guitar students need to download the following content
Guitar note reading chart
Sight reading No1
Sight Reading No2
Sight reading No3

Classical Guitar/Finger picking  
Emi9, Amin improvisation study for the right hand
Sinking Ship
In The woods
Finger picking exercise. Amin Vamp alternating bass pattern 

Contemporary Guitar
Easy to play chords and strumming patterns
Essential open chords
Sunshine of you love, 7 nation Army
Misssion Impossible
Wish you were here intro 
James Bond Theme
Blues in E with riffs in alternate bars
Alternating bass Finger picking exercise

Waltzing Matilda melody and chords

Blues in A

Adams Family arrangment year 6
Adams family arrangment year5

Harry Potter theme year 6 part 1
Harry Potter theme part 2 year 5
Harry Potter backing track 4 beat count in

Contemporary Bass Guitar

Bass note reading chart
Scales and arpeggios for electric bass
Bass lesson No1 Learning simple popular songs
Bass lesson No2 Blues in A using open strings
Bass Lesson No3 Blues in A bass no open strings
Bass Lesson No4 (different Styles)

Blues in A (bass) backing track.

Popular tunes (To be learnt from memory)

Waltzing Matilda
Waltzing Matilda backing track.

Happy birthday bass

Other Contemporary Bass tunes you can download
Master Blaster and Who Knows
Billy Joel -You May Be Right
Foo-Fighters-Learn To Fly

Click here for more  bass songs

Bass reading exercise in notation