A selection of simple beginner ensemble compositions, arrangements, play-along recordings and solo compositions for guitar and bass students. From year 5 to year 11.

All beginning contemporary guitar students-download the following content
Guitar note reading chart
Scales and chords

Sight reading exercises 
Sight reading No1

Sight reading No 2

Classical Guitar/Finger picking  
Emi9, Amin improvisation study for the right hand
Sinking Ship
In The woods
Chord Vamps
Alternating bass Finger picking exercise

Contemporary Guitar- Chords
Easy to play chords and strumming patterns
Essential open chords

Contemporary Guitar Ensemble Music with play along track

Waltzing Matilda melody and chords

Blues in A

Adams family arrangment part 1 Year6
Adams family arrangment part2 year5

Harry Potter theme year 6 part 1
Harry Potter theme part 2 year 5

Welcome home guitar 1
Welcome home guitar 2
Welcome home guitar 3
Welcome home guitar 4

Sunshine of you love, 7 nation Army
misssion impossible
wish you were here
james bond theme
Blues in E with riffs