Contemp- Guitar Level 2

Adams family (Download)
Guitar note reading chart (Download)
Technical work scales and chords (Download) 
Left and right hand finger names
Blues in A for guitar (Download)
Task 1:Learn the melody (take note of correct fingering on page two)
Task 2:Learn the power chords
Task 3: Practise playing along with the recorded track using power chords and melody.

Adams Family play along track

Blues in A play along track (Riffs)

Task 1: Play blues riffs A, D and E along with recording.
Task 2: Learn the melody and play along with the recording below.
Task 3: Learn the blues scale and make up a riff that you can repeat over the 12 bar blues.
Task 4: This recording repeats the 12 bar cycle 4 times. When you are comfortable play the following structure. Melody 1st cycle, improvise using the blues scale 2nd and 3rd cycle and 4th cycle repeat the melody. (Task 4 will not be assessed)

Blues in A play along track (melody and improvisation)

Sight Reading No2
Task:Practise guitar parts 1,2,3 and 4 and play along with recording.